Robbery incidents in Bayelsa State are getting out of hand, with children's education being put in jeopardy.

Mr Umoh Desmond's story about how some robbers stole his daughter's textbooks money from him will surely make you wonder if get-rich-quick youths care so much about education again in Nigeria. 

It had drizzled that fateful Sunday evening and the weather was cool.

Some business owners along Captain Ayeni Street in Kpansia, Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State, were open for business.

Mr Desmond, a barber whose shop is located on the street, sat waiting for customers. Few minutes later, seven young boys walked into his shop.

"Bros, una welcome" he greeted happily at the sight of many customers.

"Senior man, bring all your money," one of them commanded.

Mr Desmond, who had already plugged his clipper and ready to work, didn't understand them until one slapped his right ear.

"Abasi e!," he screamed and pointed to a small bag which hung beside his mirror.

He was forced to lie flat on the ground.

They carried the bag, searched his shop and left with his mobile phone, a spoilt charger, two clippers and a small rechargeable radio he used to play music.

Before they left, one who appeared to be their leader, kicked him twice.

When his neighbours realised that the barber was being robbed, they ran and alerted other shop owners.

Barber robbed of daughters school textbook money

With both hands placed on his head, Mr Desmond, told Bounce News that it was the third time he had been robbed in two weeks.

"Whenever they come, all opened shops will be robbed.

"That 3,400 Naira would have been used to pay for my daughter's textbooks on Thursday" he sobbed.

Mr Desmond also said "one after the other, the boys robbed shops along this road without hindrance from security agents for about an hour and left.

"They raid and steal here almost every week".

An eyewitness told Bounce News that while some hurriedly locked up, a fish seller, popularly known as Mama Fish, paid deaf ears.

Three boys ran across the road to her shop. Mama Fish barricaded the entrance of her shop and challenged them.

"Na where una dey run go?," she asked them in pidgin English.

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She tried to prevent them from gaining access into her shop but one of the boys lifted the right corner of his Polo shirt.

She saw the locally made gun neatly tucked in his boxer.

"Her eyes widened, as she looked from his trouser to his face and reluctantly, led them into her shop.

"We prayed that she complied so they wouldn't kill her.

"At the end, she lost money realised from sales, mobile phone and pressing iron to the thieves," he narrated.

This kind of incident has become a daily thing in the state and gradually, the victims who do not want to report the matter to the police, are becoming used to the trend.

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