The sad event brings the memory of Aluu Four lynching back. How safe are the streets of Bayelsa?  

The security situation in some parts of Bayelsa State is gradually taking its toll on the residents, with cases of mistaken identity now leading to lynching and deaths.

Robbery happens in broad day light. Cult activities are becoming a norm. Deaths and more deaths are occurring daily and the innocent are in danger of losing their lives to cases of mistaken identity. 

Driver thought to be thief murdered in Bayelsa
A crowd has at the scene of the incident

Just a day after two suspected rubbers were brutally beaten to death in Opolo, an Epie community, another man has been killed.

It happened at Nikkton Junction.

The victim identified as, Mr Linkton, works with Bayelsa State Council for Art and Culture.He had gone to buy a school bag at Nikkton Junction, but while he was buying the bag, his phone rang and he stepped aside to speak to the caller to stay away from the noise environment.

shopping voucher

The owner of the shop began to shout, ‘thief, thief, thief and passers-by gathered him and began to beat him.

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Eyewitnesses said while he was being beaten he had pleaded with them to take him to his office that he was not a thief that he wanted to buy the bag.

Driver thought to be thief murdered in Bayelsa

His pleas fell on deaf ears, as the raging mob continued to beat him.

A colleague of the murdered man claimed he was not a thief.

“Anyone that said he is a thief will die worse death,” she started, as she laments.

“In character, he is not a thief.

“For the little time him, he is a very friendly person.

“He is a stubborn person we know, but saying he is a thief, is a bloody lie. is not a thief.

Driver thought to be thief murdered in Bayelsa
The corpse of the driver in an auto rickshaw

“Even the officer that is saying he was a thief is a liar. Our colleague is not a thief,” she insisted.

His colleagues are accusing some officers of the Nigeria Police force of negligence, claiming they abandoned his corpse in their vehicle by the gate of Gabriel Okara Cultural Centre in Ovom Yenagoa, the capital city.

The police have not issued a statement on the issue. 

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