All he wanted was to connect with his late mom. So, comedian Basketmouth visited a psychic medium in South Africa.

However, the session ended up revealing what would turn out to be a painful secret he had kept.

The psychic asked Basketmouth how many children he has and he said he has three kids, but two with his wife.

The psychic then asked how many of them were male, to which he replied, one but she said she was connecting to two boys.

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Then next question would break his heart.

Has your wife miscarried? Basketmouth became speechless with overwhelming emotion.

The psychic knew she was right about the miscarriage and said, "I just need you to know, that was a boy."

We cannot tell if the next revelation is a consolation or if it worsens the pain.

"The son's never left your side. Do you sometimes get shoulder pain or neck pain?" she asks and when Basketmouth replies in the affirmative, she says,

"That's the son, but now your guardian protecting you."