Things haven’t really improved for internally displaced persons in northeast Nigeria.

Data from the aid agency, Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) reveal how desperate the situation has become, with children bearing the brunt of the poor living conditions of the IDPs.

According to the MSF data, more than one of every 200 children aged under five at the refugee camp in northeast died in just two weeks in early August.

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This is based on news agency, Reuters calculations using the MSF data.

Under a government programme, hundreds of thousands of people living in the region are being moved for safety to fortified garrison towns, ringed by farms, recaptured from the militants.

In a camp in one of those towns - Bama - MSF teams found that 33 out of an estimated 6,000 children under five died in the two weeks from 2 August, the agency said.

“A lot of children are already in a critical state upon arrival, and poor assistance and access to healthcare further deteriorates their condition,” said Katja Lorenz, MSF’s representative in Abuja, in the statement.

Despite the presence of government and international aid agencies, “the health and nutrition situation has been allowed to deteriorate up to the current crisis point,” she said.

Inhabitants of the camp include more than 10,000 people who had come in from the bush since April, many because of military activity. They had pushed the camp beyond capacity by late July, MSF said.

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