Another mass casualty has been recorded in the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday.

Moroccan rescue services said it made a horrific recovery of around 20 migrants dead bodies in the Mediterranean.

The bodies of the migrants, from sub-Saharan Africa, were spotted by a Spanish patrol boat, which alerted the rescue services of both countries, a spokeswoman for the Spanish enclave of Melilla said.

She added that “about 20” bodies were then recovered in Moroccan territorial waters.

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This incident is similar to one involving 26 Nigerian young women who drowned in the same sea in November last year.

At the time of the incident, no one knew whether the women were killed and why all victims were women.

The Nigerian women who were between the ages of 14 and 18 years had attempted the dangerous journey from Libya to Europe.

Libya is the biggest launchpad for African migrants hoping to build new lives in Europe but the journey most times has a fatal ending with many buried in the treacherous Mediterranean. 

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