Theo Ukpaa lost his job during his honey moon. He was accused of rape.

The new husband was sacked as head of programs at Linda Ikeji TV, following a rape allegation.

He is obviously still in ‘Newlywed’ mode as Ukpaa said he will only react to the accusation after his honeymoon.

“I am aware of the rape allegation. I am on my honeymoon right now; I will be back to the country next week. My legal team is on the matter. When I come into town, we can have a chat.” He said.

Sharing the story on Instagram, Emilia Samuel, who is now married with two children alleged Ukpaa raped her when she was 16-years-old.

 After reading Samuel's story Linda Ikeji terminated Ukpaa’s appointment on Monday, August 27,2018.

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