Getting yellow and red cards can lead to a teams downfall, just ask Senegal.

Both Japan and Senegal had four points in Group H with identical goal differences and the same number of goals scored at the end of the third round of games.

The  Asians qualified for the last-16 because they had  fewer bookings over the three group fixtures.

World football governing body, FIFA, say they will review the feed back they get after applying the FIFA fair play rules to determine who goes to the next round when two teams are tied.

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The decision to review it came after some  African countries  protested the way Senegal left the World Cup in Russia.

“This is the first time (the fair play rule) has been used in a senior World Cup in this way. Obviously what we want to avoid is the drawing of lots.

We will review after this World Cup. We will see what the feedback is, what the situation is but as it currently stands we don’t see any need to change the rule that’s been put in place.” said  Colin Smith, FIFA’s chief tournament and event officer in an interview.

The Blue Samurai, annoyed fans at  Volgograd when they  avoided making a single tackle towards the end of their 1-0 loss to Poland, because they were aware of the fair play rule.

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