If Wakanda played at the World Cup in 2018,  theirs could have rivaled the jersey worn by Nigeria, which was adjourned the best.

Who would have imagined having Wakanda in the global tournament? Well, one fan of the 'Black Panther' movie  has designed both the  home and away World Cup kit for the fictional African country of  Black Panther’s  birth place - Wakanda.

The fan, Mark Yesilevskiy created the home kit in February before the World Cup kicked off, and  based it on the iconic Black Panther costume, with a design that looks like T’Challa’s necklace.

Football teams hardly wear black because it attracts heat, but if the jerseys were made with Wakanda’s Vibranium used in making Black Panther’s costume, then the country would not have any problem.

The away kit, which was recently designed by the crazy fan, is inspired by the uniform of the country’s  ‘hard’ all-female special force - The Dora Milaje.

The home and away kits come with a badge that shows the face of a black panther.

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