Moscow on Friday welcomed certain positive signals from Washington on the situation around North Korea.

It hopes that the U. S. will decide to solve the issue diplomatically, Russian Ambassador-at-Large Oleg Burmistrov told Sputnik.

“We are welcoming any positive signals from Washington, of course. But this does not mean that we automatically welcome everything.

“We look at all the statements through the prism of reality. And we would like the [U.S.] administration to make the decision on diplomatic solutions as soon as possible,” Burmistrov said.

The diplomat stressed that the UNSC resolutions on the issue all clearly state that there is no solution other than a diplomatic one.

“When the U.S. votes for these resolutions, we remind them that they had backed, among other things, these provisions, so they should comply with them,” Burmistrov said.

He also said that Moscow is not imposing itself as a mediator in the talks between the U. S. and North Korea, but is ready to participate in such meetings if it receives an invitation.

The diplomat dismissed media reports of Russia potentially suggesting Vladivostok as a venue for Washington- Pyongyang talks as rumors.

“We are open for contacts and are ready to provide such a venue, if need be.

“We are ready to participate in such meetings, if we are invited. But, once again, we are not imposing ourselves as mediators,” Burmistrov said.


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