Egypt returns to the World Cup after 28 years of being away and all eyes are on one man, Mohammed Salah. 

His exploit in English Premiership has brought him to lime light and people are waiting to see him in action after the sad moment of the UEFA Champions League. 

It is Sallah period - Eid al Fitr - and Mo-Salah dropped a wish.

"Every year and everyone is fine and merry Christmas to all of us..," the tweet translation read. 

He is expected to be in action against Uruguayans at the Ekaterinburg Arena, in northeastern Russia and one wish that his kindred want from him is to play well and stay out of injury while he brings home victory. 

A tackle by Sagio Ramos in the finals of the Champions League ended his game in the first half of that battle. 

Since then, he has not been seen in action.  

In replies to his tweet, people wished him well and some expressed hopes that he would record his first win in a World Cup game. 

responses to Mohammed Salah's Eid al fitr wish
responses to Mohammed Salah's Eid al fitr wish
mohammed salah wish for eid al fitr

After 28 years away, the Pharaohs are back on the FIFA World Cup stage. And they make their return in a tight section that also features Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay.

The Uruguayans provide a stern test for Egypt in their first match of the tournament at the Ekaterinburg Arena, in northeastern Russia.