The 2018 World Cup in Russia will be remembered for many funny events off the pitch, particularly the way animals stole the spotlight for predicting match results.

Japanese fisherman, Kimio Abe caught his octopus in June off Hokkaido and for some strange reasons, he assigned it match-forecasting duties.

It got more bizarre when the fairytale got global accolades as the octopus correctly predicted Japan to defeat Colombia, tie with Senegal and the lose to Poland.

According to a translated article on the Mainichi website, he placed the octopus in a plastic tub containing flagged boxes that represented Japan (for victory), its opponent (for defeat) and a draw.

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Wherever the octopus swam first was considered the creature’s prediction.

Sadly, it never saw the Japanese national team squandering a 2-0 lead in their 3-2 loss to Belgium as Abe already sold it to market.

Perhaps it was their good luck charm but that is too late now as the octopus might already be resting in the belly of a Japanese child as ordinary seafood.

“I’m glad that all the forecasts turned out correct and Japan moved on to the knockout stage,” Abe said.

See a video of how the octopus earned its short-lived fame.

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