The captain of the Argentina national team Lionel Messi has given his thoughts about his team’s Russia 2018 group opponents in a sentence.

Unfortunately, the Super Eagles did not get any kind words from the Barcelona superstar.

Indeed, if Messi’s comments are anything to go by, the Nigerian goalkeeper will have to pick the ball from his net many times when the Super Eagles face Argentina on June 26 at Russia 2018.

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In an interview with FIFA online, Messi suggests the Super Eagles are the least of headaches for his team.

Messi remarked: “Nigeria - one day they score four goals, the next one, they leave plenty of space for you to do anything”. 

This differs sharply from his views on Iceland, the World Cup debutants and the smallest country ever to qualify for the global tournament.

This is Messi’s view on Iceland: “Might seem easy, but they are tough and well organised”.

On Croatia, Messi said: “they give you more room to play but have great players”.

Messi’s views on Nigeria are virtually the same as his compatriot, Sergio Aguero who saw Nigeria’s 4-2 win last month as mere fluke.

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