The bet is on.

Sweden's record goal scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic and ex-England skipper and former team-mate, David Beckham just showed their gambling sides.
Zlatan has challenged Beckham to a wager for who will win Saturday's World Cup quarter-final between England and Sweden.

"Yo David Beckham," said the former Manchester United striker, who is now playing for Los Angeles Galaxy in MLS.

"If England wins I buy you dinner wherever you want in the world, but if Sweden wins you buy me whatever I want from Ikea. OK?"

Beckham responded hoping to eventually ‘disgrace’ the acclaimed football god by making him wear an England jersey, he said,

"If Sweden win, I will personally take you to Ikea and buy you whatever you need for the new mansion in LA.

"But when England win, I want you to come to watch an England game at Wembley, wearing an England shirt and enjoy fish and chips at half time."

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david beckham

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 36, after he was not picked for the World cup said : "A World Cup without me wouldn't be a World Cup."

Well Sweden are in the quarterfinals without Zlatan, but who will come out on top-England or Sweden?

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