After the first game of the Super Eagles, one will truly begin to ask oneself if going through this trouble is worth it.

It has to be patriotism that now takes hold of the heart for a supporter to watch the remaining two games of the Super Eagles.  

Being in Russia for the World Cup was exciting for supporters of the Super Eagles, but after the team lost 2 - 0 to Croatia in its first game, it will surely take more than just wanting to support the team to go through what Nigerians in Russia have to face to watch the next games.

It was a disappointing night for most Nigerians both those in Russia and home, after the pig's prediction had given many hope. 

On Sunday, most Nigerians in Russia have started to make moves from Kaliningrad to the next city, Volgograd, where the second game against Iceland will hold on June 22 and that journey does not seem like an easy one. 

There are two options - going by land or air - but each of them has got its own huddles that these supporters must cross.

To go by land, it will take one whole day and three hours journey. This is not the kind of journey a 2 - 0 deficit will encourage an individual to take. 

To make matters worse, in travelling to Volgograd by land, the traveller will need a Schengen visa and this is because Kaliningrad is outside mainland Russia and will require that the individual will go through Lithuania then back to mainland Russia. 

If they do not have the required Schengen visa, they will have to fly.

Flying from Kaliningrad will take four hours and 20 minutes, but it saves one the Schengen visa trouble. 

The World Cup has turned Russia to a tourist centre at the moment and all flights to Volgograd is fully booked for the days and they are expensive. 

At the airport in Kaliningrad, some Nigerians were seen stranded, waiting to an opportunity to get a flight.

Nigerians in russia going through kaliningrad volg
Some Nigerians stranded at an airport in Kaliningrad. Photo Credit: Jerry Mukolu

Most of them finally decided to take a flight to Moscow and that cost as much as $120, one of the supporters said.  From Moscow to Volgograd is another 12-hour journey by road and that is when the vehicle does not make a stop. 

Again after that game against Iceland on 22 June, these supporters will have to make another long journey to the next venue in Saint Petersburg and that will also cost so much money. 

Going by road, a supporter who must at this time be a patriotic individual, will have no issues, but it will take 21 hours and seventeen minutes to get to Saint Petersburg.

This is a none stop journey though and if the vehicle will have to make any stop, it will run into nearly one whole day's journey. 

By air, it will take two hours and 30 minutes and costs more for the Nigerian. 

The Super Eagles must have to work hard to make these supporters in Russia see the need to go all the way though these troubles to support them or the supporters stand in Saint Petersburg will as well be nearly empty on the day of the final group game with Argentina. 

People will just decide to visit beautiful places in the country than spend time and money watching a team that is already on their way home.

At the moment, the group is topped by Croatia, with three points while Argentina and Iceland are on one point each. 

The game against Iceland is a must win for the Super Eagles or it is over.

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