It is finally that time of the year when families are united in front of the tv screens; savoring the best of football as served at the World Cup.

Officially, 736 players have been selected by the 32 participating countries to defend their colours in Russia.

While football players are often generally found to be attractive, Bounce Sports digs deeper and makes a random selection of 7 Players that can make one drool on and off the field.


Neymar (Brazil)

Many had their hearts in their mouths when Neymar got injured in February and initial prognosis suggested that his appearance at the World Cup was threatened.

That is behind now and as always, Neymar is really to dazzle with his skills on the pitch and his looks off it.

The Brazilian superstar has been causing waves with his good looks ever since he was a teenager prior to the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The 26-year-old is particularly famous for experimenting with the coolest hairstyles and his signature 'Mohawk' is called 'Neymar cut' and the trend has been alive.


Giroud (France)

The Chelsea man is not called the 'French Beckham' for fun but more for his impeccable sense of style and posh.

The 6'4'' former Arsenal striker has already made headlines with his good looks when he won the accolade of being the Premier League's most attractive player in 2015.

Andre silva

Andre Silva (Portugal)

Though many would readily pick Cristiano Ronaldo as their sex symbol in the Portugal team, his fellow forward Silva who is much younger at 22 deserves some accolades.


James Rodriquez

James Rodriguez (Colombia)

For now, there is no ‘Golden Face’ Award; hence Rodriguez could only make do with the Golden Boot which he won at the last World Cup being the highest goal scorer. He spiraled to fame, not only because of his skills but because he is one of the most handsome players. Rodriguez also commanded the world’s attention when Colombia beat Uruguay in FIFA 2014, securing an award for the best goal of the year.

Martin Olsson

Martin Olsson (Sweden)

Olsson, 30, is plenty cute on his own and thankfully on the pitch he is a workaholic, he also has an equally handsome twin.

Nacer Chadli

Nacer Chadli (Belgium)

In 2014, Chadli caused a small sensation after posing nude in U.K. Cosmopolitan as part of an effort to raise awareness for cancer. “As a footballer, my body’s my tool—so I have to take care of it,” he said to the magazine at the time. “I’m pretty happy with the way I look and what my body is capable of.”



Williams Troost-Ekong (Nigeria)

He was born in Netherlands and played at Youth level for Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur.

Him and his partner are currently expecting a child together so most likely there will be no ‘away games’ in Russia.