The World Cup is finally upon us after a four-year wait for the great sporting showpiece.

With the 2018 edition billed to take place in Russia and fans across the world already trooping in numbers into the Eastern European country, Bounce Sports is serving you 11 phrases that would be handy this World Cup period.

Goal – (Gol)

Off side – (Off-sayd)

Game – (Match, igra)

Foul – (Narushenie)

Penalty – (Penalti)

The referee is blind! – (Sudyu na mylo!)

To cheat - (Gryaznaya igra!)

Selfish player – (Nekomandny igrok)

Give him the ball – (Otday pas!)

What a goal – (Nu i gol! Otlitchny gol!)

If you want to order vodka – (Vodki, barmen!)