He went all the way to America to have his ‘baby’.

Singer, Runtown has announced his music company, Sound God Music Group, in Los Angeles, United States where he has been for a while.

Sound God Music Group will be a full 360 music and entertainment company that will help push Runtown to more markets and stamp his sound on the international audience.

Alongside his label, Runtown has also launched a charity project titled “WANA - We Are New Africa.”

The new empowerment project was set up as a channel for Runtown to give back to society by providing training schemes and tools for learning.

While Runtown is setting up a new label, it is unclear if he and Eric Many Records have settled.

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In May this year, the label had filed a third injunction against the singer, after Runtown unceremoniously terminated his contract with them.

The label which claims that Runtown's contract expired on June 22, 2018, say they have an outstanding balance of over 270 million Naira with Runtown as return on investment, before the 'Mad Over You' singer shocked them with his exit.