Singer Runtown has gone after his former boss on Twitter.

It was reported that The Dilly Motors and Eric Many Entertainment boss, Okwudili Umenyiora was arrested outside his gym, and taken to Alagbon Police station.

In the wake of that, Runtown has taken to his Twitter account to mock him, saying he was arrested, and should count himself lucky to make bail.

But the record label boss has responded releasing a statement claiming that he was not arrested, but invited to the Police station.

Okwudili said he was questioned, dropped his statement on claims by Runtown that his life was threatened and  immediately returned home.

Eric Many label also claims that Runtown is only blackmailing Okwudili by alleging  that he threatened him with a gun,  so as to distract the public from  the legal action brought against Runtown by the label.

"The label maintains that there was never a threat to Runtown’s life directly by Dilly Umenyiora or anyone affiliated to the label as explained to the Nigerian Police"

"Eric Many LTD since this case began has been civil and remain to civil by following through with the court injunction and never resort to violence or blackmail" the label said in its statement.

So who is telling the truth?

See Runtown's tweets below: