They sued him. Runtown laughed.

The Nigerian singer has reacted to a viral report of getting sued by his former record label, Eric Many over breach of contract.

He went on Twitter to share his thoughts on the lawsuits.

When a fan shared a link to the story of him being sued by Eric Manny records,  Runtown laughed and shook his head.

See tweet below:

In an earlier tweet, he claims that he had disengaged from the Record label a month ago, and accused the owners of the label of being broke,  and trying to live off him.

For the second time in 2 years, Eric Manny records,  filed an injunction at a Federal High court against the singer for breach of contract.

"Runtown has been deliberately breaching his contract with us (Eric Many) for a while and despite our many appeals to him he has refused to budge.

"He went for a show in Las Vegas since January 13th, 2018 and has since decided to withdraw all obligations of his contract. He has steadily been recording an album without the consent and approval of his record label"

Though Runtown’s record deal with Eric Manny is due to expire at some point this year, the label says he still owes the company a lot of money including millions in Naira from the Lamborghini Gallardo.

They also accused him of doing numerous collaborations with several artistes without getting the written approval of the label and as a result, no royalties have come back to the label from any of these collaborations.

Eric Manny plans to sue Runtown for 70 million Naira in damages and for copyright infringement.