For majority of migrants seeking greener pastures outside Africa, all roads led to Europe through Libya.

But then Libya became a slave hub and a dangerous route and many devised alternatives.

Now, the destination appears to be South America, Brazil to be precise.

On Sunday, a boat with two dozen migrants from West Africa was rescued off the coast of northern Brazil.

According to a statement from the Brazilian state of Maranhão, a fishing boat came upon the drifting vessel with 27 people aboard, including migrants from Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Cape Verde, along with two Brazilians.

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Some were suffering from dehydration.

Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, citing a Federal Police officer, said that both the rescued Brazilians were arrested for human trafficking. The official, according to Folha, said the migrants paid to be illegally transported to Brazil.

Federal Police did not immediately comment on the matter. Brazil’s navy said in a statement it had opened a probe but did not comment on arrests.

The boat had been at sea for five weeks, said Folha, citing the Federal Police.

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