Nigerians have reacted angrily to the news suggesting that some Igbo leaders were kicking against the selection of former Anambra governor, Peter Obi as PDP’s presidential running mate.

But while a meeting truly held in Enugu to discuss this position, the National Vice Chairman of the PDP for South East, Deacon Austin Umahi, says their position is not a rejection of Obi.

From his words, it looks like the leaders just want to be carried along and honoured by their opinion being sought and the meeting was not just about Peter Obi.

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“We addressed many issues on how to ensure that PDP progresses and do better than it did in past elections in south east. We congratulate our presidential candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and we are convinced that 2019 will be actualizes.

“A burning issue came up, the issue of Vice President slot to South East and our leaders in the south east, the governors, the national Assembly members came together to appreciate the Party for the recognition of South East and keeping to their promise to give the vice-presidential slot to South East.

“However, South East leaders met and said they are not yet aware that something like that happened. But one good thing is our discussion with our Presidential candidate. He will be travelling tonight and he has promised when he comes back he is going to discuss with the leadership of the south east, that we are waiting, that we hope is going to be very fruitful. But one thing is very very certain, PDP is assured that 2019 is our year.

“Peter Obi is our son and he is from the south east. We are not rejecting anybody, but we are saying we are not aware but as leaders of south east said you cannot shave a man in his absence.

“The people of the south east need to know, that is our stand. There is no rejection, he is our son,” he said.

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