In the past few days, there has been so much uproar about a rumoured removal of Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) from school's curriculum, but this is not anywhere near the truth.

A reliable source in the Ministry of Education told Bounce News that the rumour was being spread by mere 'mongers'.

“It was not taken out of the curriculum. It was put together just like languages were done.

"Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa languages are not standing alone in the curriculum. They are under languages and students then have a choice to learn a language.

“That is the same thing that has been done with religious study. It has been expounded into not just religious study but a little bit of social development study and humanities,” he explained.

On why the decision of bringing the religious studies under one umbrella called Religion and National Values was taken, the source said “much more than teaching a particular religion, it also captures the application of the principles of each religion in societal development.

“The subject CRK was not sufficient enough to capture that part of the learning that was why it was merged into Religion and National Values”.  

"Both CRK and Islamic Religious Studies are under this subject and each student has the right to choose any of the two, in line with his/her belief", he said.

The rumour of the removal may have been triggered by failure of authorities to sensitise the public about the development and the reason for the change.

So, the next time anyone says CRK has been removed from school curriculum, tell the person - NA LIE!