Chia! Many persons waiting to get a glimpse of how sexy Meghan Markle is may have been disappointed. 

Her status has been upgraded and she is now the Duchess of Sussex and a member of the British royal family.

By noon on Saturday the Royal Wedding Fever that had gripped the city for days now reached its climax. 

When a wedding is referred to as royal, it lives up to every bit of that nomenclature and that is what the Harry and Meghan's day is in all aspects. 

But some persons may have been disappointed by the Duchess' wedding gown. 

It must have cost a fortune even though there are reports that it was less expensive than Kate Middleton's wedding dress when she wedded Prince Williams years ago.

Kate's dress showed a little cleavage and one that could be permitted by royalty, but in Nigeria, an average Nigerian girl will call Meghan's dress Scripture Union sister's dress. 

Royal wedding Meghan Markle wedding dress and styl

In Nigeria, wedding dress have evolved. From the kind that covers the entire body like Meghan's dress to the kind that now leave a larger portion of the boobs meant for only the eyes of the groom outside for other guys to have a glimpse of. Just for the last time, may be.

Some girls will never feel comfortable in the kind of dress that the Duchess wore. 

They like things like this.

Royal wedding Meghan Markle wedding dress and styl

Men like to join such procession in weddings were the bride wears this kind of gown. Those not part of the train could walk along by the side and go beyond their seats to the front almost to where the couple will sit just to record enough sight of what the boobs look like. 

Come to think of it, the lady whose wedding is now the talk of the whole world was a former actress and that could have given her the guts to dress how she wanted, but she chose to go the way of the Scripture Union sisters. 

In my thought I felt she could wear something different from this and again, I wonder if she was acting. 

royal wedding Meghan's wedding dress and nigeria g

I am almost 100% sure that some Nigerian girls will not buy the dress for the amount it was purchased without it having anything to show to the guys who must have looked the other way when she was showing them green light as a single. 

She needs to show them there is something they had missed by letting her go, I suppose. 

Abeg let me come and be going to the Royal Wedding and see my Scripture Union sister before the whole FEVER dies down.