Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding will be unforgettable.

It's not necessarily because of all the pomp and pageantry associated with such events.

Their ceremony breaks away from centuries of tradition.

The couple has been known to bend the rules in the past and for the wedding her are 6 ways they would be breaking away from royal tradition.

1. Meghan Was Once Married


Royalty is built on conservative traditions that frown on things like divorce and having love relationships with non-royals.

So, Prince Charles raised public conflict when he decided to marry his divorced long-term partner, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The father of Williams and Harry was saved by a new ruling from the Church of England, but his union with Camila still came with a lot of public and family conflict.

But not anymore. Meghan got the  immediate approval of both the British public and the royal family.

Any thought of her once being married to Trevor Engleson was banished and a new Duchess was welcomed.

2. No Kissing In The  Buckingham Palace Balcony


Harry and Meghan are doing it their own way, they are not getting married in London, so there will be no kissing at the Buckingham palace balcony, but there will be kissing.

After all it's a wedding.

Ever since the weddings of Queen Victoria’s children, it has been the tradition for the newlyweds to acknowledge the crowd below from the  Buckingham Palace balcony.

Then in 1981, Charles and Diana were the first royal couple to share a kiss in front of the cheering crowds, later followed by Andrew and Sarah, and William and Kate.

3. The Cake Flavour Is Different


Royal weddings cakes are usually highly traditional rich fruit cakes encased in marzipan and a thick crust of white icing.

Harry and Meghan who enjoy making their own rules, decided to capture the ‘bright flavours of Spring.’

They have gone for a lemon and elderflower cake covered with buttercream and fresh flowers.

4.  Not All The Bridesmaids And Pageboys Are Royalty

According to royal protocol, most if not all of the bridesmaids and page boys are pulled from the royal family.

However, Harry and Meghan share it, with three of the six bridesmaids and two of the four page boys coming from the bride's side.

5.Meghan  Walked Down The Aisle By Her Father-In Law

prince charles

A big departure from the royal norm.

Meghan’s father Thomas Markle could not walk her down the aisle after suffering a heart-attack and undergoing subsequent surgery just three days before the wedding.

In his absence, it was Prince Charles giving his new daughter-in-law away.

Strange but true.

Sometimes in life breaking away from tradition is not a bad thing.