The age long crisis between Shongom in Kaltungo chiefdom and Billiri of Tangale nation; the royal Fathers of the two communities, seems to have to an end.

The leaders of the communities have decided to give peace a chance.

This was achieved during the 70th birthday dinner celebration of Mai Tangle, Dr. Abdu Buba Maisheru II in Billiri town where they enjoined their subjects to ensure peace prevails too amongst them 

The seasonal farm land dispute between some communities in Shongom and Billiri local government has for several years, caused destruction of lives and properties in communities of the two LGAs.

Mai Kaltungo, Engr. Sale Muhammad delivering a good will message at the birthday dinner, called on the people of his chiefdom in Kaltungo and Shongom local government areas and the people of his neighboring Tangale chiefdom to appreciate the relative peace which has been achieved in the North east region.

“I want to call on our people to support us in peace building, so we can live a happier life with one another, we as people with one root should not allow sentiments and selfish interest to divide us'' Mai Kaltungo said. 

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Mai Tangle, Dr. Abdu Buba Maisheru, who turned 70 and also celebrated 17 years on the throne of Tangale chiefdom, was celebrated in a colorful manner.

In a paper titled 'Legacy of Peace' which was presented at the birthday dinner by Ramby Ibrahim Ayala who doubles as Gamzakin Tangale, he said the celebrant His Royal Majesty Dr. Abdu Buba Maisheru II, 15th Mai Tangle has chosen to write a will and live a life that could pass for a legacy of peace to Tangale Nation.

Appreciating the royal fathers for peace building in Gombe state, the deputy governor of Gombe state Charles Ilya on behalf of Gombe state government said the government will forever remain grateful for the genuine patriotism and developmental support it has received from them.

Maisheru said he cannot thank enough his people and guests who come from far and near to celebrate with his family.

"I hope and pray that peace and love that was displayed here today would be extended to our homes and communities,” Mai Tangle added.