He jumped into the river to escape jungle justice but the angry youth laid siege on the river bank.

A suspected robber has been arrested by youths around Lafenwa in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital after robbing a woman of her bag on Thursday.

The incident occurred around 6:10 am when the woman was waiting for a commercial vehicle.

The man believed to be aged, 25, noticed the woman standing alone; he then approached her and dispossessed the lady of her bag threatening her with a knife.

The woman in her thirties immediately screamed for help at the scene.

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Passerby and residence chased after the suspected thief to retrieve her bag from the man who also began to run as he took the bag.

The angry mob refused to surrender their mission as they ran after the robber.

Noticing their unwillingness to back off, the robber who has already reached the head-over bridge at River Ogun, jumped into the river and began to swim.

The relentless mob hurried over to the river bank to lay siege on him in a way he would not notice their presence.

Luck ran on him as he was trying to escape from the river bank, the youths then came out from the bush, caught him and gave him some beating before handing him over to the police.

When Bounce News contacted Ogun State Police PRO, Abimbola Oyeyemi he said the command has not been formally informed about the incident.

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