Egbeda community in Emouha Local Government Area of Rivers State is now a shadow of itself.

It has suddenly become empty, as residents flee from their homes over the death of a notorious cult leader in the community.

Mathias Igwe-Wordu, a dreaded leader of Iceland gang, is believed to have been shot dead by rival cult groups during a clash on Sunday.

Out of fear of reprisal attacks, those who live around the area where the killing took place, fled from their homes.

The slain cultist is an indigene of Ubimini.

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The chairman of Egbeda Community Development Committee, Ukwoha Omereji, confirmed the incident on Monday, saying security had been beefed up in the community.

He urged those who fled to return home, as adequate security was in place to keep them safe.

One of the residents, who sought to remain anonymous, said Mathias was feared by all and he was certain his gang members would surely come for a reprisal attack on the community.

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“Now we don’t feel safe anymore after the killing of the cultist. They don’t take such loss lightly since he was a top leader and they will have the intention to take more people, even innocent ones.

"We hope the security operatives deployed to our community don’t leave us in the shortest time, as they might decide to come when there is less threat to their activities” he said.

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