President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday summoned an emergency security meeting at the Presidential Villa, and this has been a talking point for many Nigerians.

With all service chiefs and Inspector-General of Police, in attendance, it was not an unusual gathering since the Buhari presidency started.

One man who is used to gatherings like this is former Director at the SSS, Mr Mike Ejiofor. He believes there is need for better unity among security agencies in the country.

This was his reaction to President Buhari’s demand for more information sharing among the security agencies.

 “I believe there have been some gaps in the issue of collaboration. Its obvious, you can see what has been happening between the agencies without mentioning any particular one.

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“It has been rivalry; people trying to impress, trying to outdo each other and possibly sustain the opposition. That is not the best way to go.

“The more the synergy among the various agencies, the more the exchange of intelligence, the more the regular meetings at that level.

“A situation where you see the Army saying a different thing from the police, it doesn’t promote cohesiveness. So, I believe there should be a regular interaction between the heads of the agencies.

He went on to throw his weight behind the clamour for state police, saying this has the potential to stem insecurity in the country.


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