It began with an attraction; then desire to lay claim to human beings like they were items purchased or gifts received.

A clash among rival cult groups has several people injured in some parts of Lagos.

The hoodlums, suspected to be members of Marindoti, Farm, Federal and Bolar cult groups, were said to have engaged in fierce battles near the police station in Agbado.

It was gathered that the fight, which started last week, was caused by the groups’ popular rivalry over women.

The hoodlums allegedly used weapons, such as machetes and bottles to inflict injuries on one another.

They were said to have destroyed shops, vehicles and homes while littering the area with shattered glasses.

Although nobody died in the mayhem, it was gathered that innocent and unsuspecting shop owners, motorists and passersby sustained injuries.

Police officials have restored area in the affected communities while investigation is ongoing to arrested the culprits.