Christmas may have started early in Ogun state. Afterall is the season not about plenty of jollof rice?

By December 2017, Ogun state government would have introduced its branded rice into the market and there will be enough for everyone.

‘MITROS rice’ is the name and it is a result of massive planting of the commodity during the rainy season.

Harvesting of 1,500 metric tonnes of rice had began in various rice farms at  Eggua in Yewa axis and Onigbedu in Ogun Central

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“At Eggua rice farm,  rice will be harvested from 262 hectares of farmland while  110 hectares are at Onigbedu rice farm. “Another 100 hectares of rice farm will be harvested at Iloti Ijebu  within the next one month.

“The harvesting of rice will reduce the dependence of the state on imported rice  and reduce its price in various markets,” the Governor’s SA on Agriculture, Tosin Ademuyiwa, said.

Ademuyiwa also said the state government was working hard to solve the problems associated with clearing of farmland by making land available for agricultural purpose.

They also intend to provide inputs and processing facilities for farmers to ease the challenges facing the sector.

‘MITROS rice’ will be produced and packaged in the state.


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