Former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s statement during a visit of his former vice – Atiku Abubakar on Thursday, has got many wondering what is to be expected.

During their meeting in Abeokuta, Obasanjo said he has forgiven Atiku, and as a result endorsed his now former enemy, for presidency come 2019.

But why did Obasanjo forgive Atiku, who he had vowed in the past, never to have anything to do with.

Reading through Obasanjo’s speech, he said Atiku was not the man he used to be many years ago, and the former number 2 citizen has rediscovered himself.

"And in all honesty, my former Vice-President has re-discovered and re-positioned himself.  As I have repeatedly said, it is not so much what you did against me that was the issue but what you did against the Party, the Government and the country.

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“I took the stand I had taken based on the character and attributes you exhibited in the position you found yourself.  I strongly believe that I was right. It was in the overall interest of everyone and everything to take such a position.

“From what transpired in the last couple of hours or so, you have shown remorse; you have asked for forgiveness and you have indicated that you have learnt some good lessons and you will mend fences and make amends as necessary and as desirable.

“Whenever or wherever you might have offended me, as a Christian who asks for God’s forgiveness of my sins and inadequacies on daily basis, I forgive and I sincerely advise you to learn from the past and do what is right and it will be well with you.  Obviously, you have mended fences with the Party and fully reconciled with the Party.  That’s why today, you are the Presidential Candidate of the Party.

Can Atiku now unseat an incumbent Muhammadu Buhari? Only time will tell.

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