If you are from Benue state or you are planning to marry a girl from there, I suggest you wait for 90 days and see what happens first.

In Benue, it costs a man 'arms and legs' to marry a woman he loves.

It even costs more to bid farewell to a departed loved one.

To address this challenge, the Tiv Traditional Council, TATC has set up a 15-man committee.

The committee will have to figure out the best way to bring down the items for bride price and the cost of burial ceremonies.

It's mandate is to investigate the reasons for the high bride price and recommend ways of addressing the challenge.

The TATC chairman, His Royal Majesty, Prof. James Ayatse lamented that the high bride price was hindering bachelors and spinsters from getting married, noting that in some cases, young men resorted to acquiring resources through unacceptable means.

Ayatse also directed the committee to evolve ways of reducing cost incurred during burials, lamenting that burials had now been turned to lavish ceremonies.

According to him, there is need to address the problem as borrowed trends of expensive marriages and burials have inflicted poverty on several families.