The growing number of commercial sex workers in Kwara state is a source of worry for some residents of the state. 

While some find it as a new form of recreation, others believe it is outright disgusting!

An Ilorin-based legal practitioner, Kayode Sesan, said the Kwara State Government has to act quickly to reduce cases of poverty which has forced  more girls into seek desperate means of survival.

“Most ladies and girls engage in commercial sex work for survival since their parents can no longer cater for them.

“Even some students finance their education through involvement in prostitution as there is no means to meet up their academic finances.

“It is not only lack of parental care that forces ladies to prostitution but poverty,” he said.

Sesan, therefore, urged the state government to come up with measures to provide alternative means of livelihood to the commercial sex workers.

He said that government should encourage them to acquire vocational skills and provide them with soft loans to engage in legitimate businesses.

The legal practitioner also advised the government to set up a committee to critically look into the activities of sex workers in the state and integrate them into the society.

Sesan said the government should mount intensive campaign against the trend to save those involved and others from the “decadent” trade.

“Prostitution is a decadence that deserves to be discouraged in the society for the good of the public,” he asserted.