President Donald Trump of America is not dancing to or beating any war drum in the traditional sense of war.

But he considers criticisms of his administration an act of war and therefore plans to create a ‘war room’ in the white house.

According to two advisers to the President, the “war room” is aimed at taking the fight to the administration’s critics more aggressively.

The sources say once President Trump wraps up his first foreign trip, the Commander-in-Chief plans to strike quickly next week to beef up the White House staff with a ‘war room’.

The names of David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, two trusted hands from the Trump campaign, are being bantied about as possible additions to the White House staff.

But the advisers to the president stress both men are currently focused on continuing to help the president from outside, and no final decisions have been made on whether the president will ask them to officially join the administration.

The advisers to the president describe a hands-on Trump who is prepared to go on offensive after realising perhaps belatedly that he has to get far more serious about two critical matters, pushing back against leakers in the federal government and dealing with the political damage from the various Russia investigations led by Congressional committees and Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

“It’s all hands-on deck,” said one of the advisers to the president who is involved in the planning.

The second adviser added bluntly, “there are going to be some changes” to the president’s existing staff.