For the benefits of what God hid in between women’s thighs, some landlords are willing to forfeit their rents.

Some landlords in England are trading free rooms in exchange for sex with women desperate for somewhere to lay their heads.

An online newspaper, Wales Online through investigation found that these landlords even advertise their services on the internet looking for women in need.

One of them offered “nice lovely all new fitted out” apartment and two-bedroomed flats in Cardiff and the Valleys.

“Tenant with benefits wanted. Must reply with pic,” the post read.

Another promised a “free room for [a] female” in Cardiff.

But it also goes both ways, showing you how viable the market is.

It is not only the tenants that are offering the free rooms for sex, prospective tenants were also offering themselves in exchange for the rooms.

One 19-year-old from Bridgend, also in England, advertised herself, saying she was “19, bisexual, size 18, 38E.”

“I’m looking for free rent in exchange for what you want,” she wrote on the advertising website, Craiglist.

But she wants the whole transaction discreetly conducted, as she wrote: “Obviously nobody else would know about this, it would stay strictly between the two of us. I’m very open-minded, have a very high sex drive, kind, respectful and a good cleaner,” she said.

“Looking for a landlady or a gentle landlord,” she added in her copy.

The online newspaper, Wales Online, to verify the trend, also posted an ad on Craigslist posing as a 22-year-old woman looking for a rent-free place.

Within days, their reporter was flooded with messages from men offering free rooms.

One said they had a one-bed flat on the side of their house with “full bathroom, bedroom and living room”.

Some claimed they only required the room to be kept clean.

One even got in touch to ask: “Do you have a photo?"