How will you feel when you wake up in the morning and find a corpse in front of your compound just across the road. 

A bad day with feelings of how meaningless life could be right?

This was the experience of residents of Lanre Ibitoye Street in Oko Oba area of Lagos. 

It is a story that highlights the need for the Lagos State government to spread its "Light Up The City" campaign to less commercial council areas like Ibitoye. 

While the residents of the street were still in shock over a man that had been allegedly dumped by his father in a canal on the street for death to come and take him home, they saw yet another shocking scene. 

Corpse on lagos street
The corpse lying not too far from a canal an ill man was thrown into for death

A dead man, who was not identified, had been, dumped there by an unknown person. 

Dressed in a native attire, he laid across a gutter, dead and long gone. 

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Bounce News' correspondent, Williams Osewezina, had seen the man said to have dumped in a canal by his father on Sunday night and had come early on Monday to know why he was there and ask residents some questions. 

But was shocked to find another corpse by the road side.  

The corpse draws attention of passers-by and Lanre Ibitoye told Bounce News that it was a shocking incident that was bringing fear to their minds.

He believes the Lagos State government is a listening government and will hear their yearnings about the dark street.

"It is now time for the government to hear our yearnings that this place should be illuminated so that from afar, you can see whatever is happening.

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"This canal is very porous. Access in and out is a getaway for the underworld people. We need a kind of barricade on the four sides of the canal area that has been made lonely by the estate that is backing this place. 

"Then security around this area should be beefed up. We need patrol. We know that the government has tried for us," he said. 

While the corpse had started drawing attention, some motorists pulled over and said they knew the dead man, but refused to disclose his identity. 

They said the man was hit by a vehicle and the driver of the vehicle had taken him with everyone believing he would take him to a hospital for treatment. 

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"It was shocking to see that he ended up here", one of them, who refused to give his name, said.

Few minutes before 1:00 p.m. officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Health, Directorate of Environment came to the scene to take the corpse away.

Officials of the Ministry of Health took the corps
Vehicle of the Ministry of Health that took the dead man away

They refused to talk to Bounce News but one of the people at the scene the corpse said the corpse would be moved to a mortuary in Yaba.

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