The call for restructuring of Nigeria is still on, even as 2019 approaches.

Citizens from Nigeria's south-east, a region that had attempted to secede in the late 60s, are demanding for a review of the Nigerian Constitution.

Under the aegis of the Igbo Socio-Cultural Group, Ohaneze Ndigbo, the citizens say it is necessary that federal authorities adopt the principles of equity and fairness.

Governors, lawmakers and other citizens from the region gathered on Monday in Awka, the capital of Anambra for the Ohaneze Ndigbo World Summit. 

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Another thing they believe is that it will also help solve the economic and political challenges that the nation is facing. 

At the end of the deliberations, a statement was issued and it was read by a former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Charles Soludo.

The group also proposed single six-year term for the president, five vice presidential seats for equal representation, resource control by states and  rotational presidency.

They want the state of origin clause to be removed while a Merit and Equal Opportunities Commission should be created to replace the Federal Character Commission.

Addressing the gathering, the President of the Ohaneze, John Nwodo, demanded for equity in all of the nation's affairs. 

Speaking about the reason for the summit, he said: “It is driven by majority of our people.

"The planning and strategic committee is derived from all strata of the Igbo society. All states, all segments and all opinion and thoughts. We went on town all meeting and derived the opinion and views of the majority of our people.

“You can say that we propelled this but it is not just us that did it, it is the people that did it".

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On why they made the demand, he insisted that Nigeria's system was nepotistic and leaves Ndigbo marginalised.