Passing through some roads in Oyigbo Local Government in Rivers State can be likened to the experience of the illegal immigrants trying to cross the Mediterranean sea.

Several areas in the local government saw flood conditions following two days of heavy rains.

The torrential rainfall devastated several household items and sank many residential buildings and shops.

A Bounce News correspondent who visited the area on Monday reports that several people's homes have been turned to fish ponds.

Both private and commercial vehicles, including the ones parked on the main road, were waterlogged during the downpour.

flooding in Rivers state

Some residents of the affected areas identified poor channelization and lack of proper layout as the major cause of the flood, which they said has become a yearly occurrence.

While thanking God that no life was lost in the unfortunate incident, one of the victims of the flood said that his greatest fear was that schools would soon reopen and the roads would not be safe for the children.

Poor residents in the town have cried out to the state government for immediate assistance.

They appealed to the state government to step up awareness to discourage abuse of the drainage system, and teach them how to take care of the waterways so that citizens do not continue falling victims of clogged drainage.

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