Indigenes of Ifira Akoko, a town in Ondo state are calling on police authorities to restore peace in the community.

The call is a reaction to the alleged murder of a 45-year-old native doctor, Adelogba Ademuyiwa by his own in-laws.

The in-laws were said to be avenging the maltreatment of the deceased wife, Itunu.

Some indigenes who frowned at the development described it as bizarre and called on police authorities to expose and bring all those involved to book.

Cecilia Oletu, a trader said the couple are well known to her and there is nothing strange in their disagreements.

"What has misunderstanding between couples got to do with killing by in-laws?

"There is no any couple on earth that do not have misunderstanding, but it is none of in-law’s business.

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"I know this people very well. They always fight. Everybody knows them in our area for that, and in another few hours, they are gisting and smiling again.

"But one thing that was clear was that, the wife family did not like the husband and they were only waiting for a day like this.

"I just hope the matter will not be swept away by the police."

Chief Tunde Oretade, a community member posited that the matter should not only be handled by the police but should also be co-handled by the traditional council of Ifira.

"Itunu and her entire families deserve to be banished completely from the land. They do not deserve to be among right thinking people in the society.

"I have never seen a case like this where killing is the only means of settling scores between couples. Though, some arrest have been made but we are patiently waiting for the outcome of police investigation." He said.

According to a police source, argument ensued between the couple late in the night on Tuesday at their Oke Ifira quarters of the town over allegation of infidelity.

The hot argument was said to have degenerated into a scuffle as the deceased beat her up after which she fainted and was rushed to lfira Health Centre.

Having got the news, the wife relatives rushed to the couple's residence, and allegedly pounced on the husband with sticks.

The Divisional police Officer for Isua, Abiodun Ojediran who confirmed that some arrests have been made, said the town had been condoled off by police officers to prevent reprisal attacks.

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