An actual street in Yenegoa in pitch darkness

It's been 6 weeks of total blackout for residents of Yenegoa and the people are voicing out their concern over the issue.

The Bayelsa state capital has been in total darkness since 16th of January, 2018, and while there appeared to have been a brief power restoration over the weekend, the worst is not yet over.

Some residents of Yenegoa who spoke toBounce News expressed concern over the situation. Mrs Beauty Ebime , a cold room operator said she'd stopped selling frozen food because she cannot afford to power her generator set.

Also Mr Preye Douye, a Bet Naija operator disclosed, with pain, how he had to use his savings to power his generator, while Mr Ejiro Orus, a private morgue operator revealed the challenges faced in preserving some corpses because they find it difficult to power their lister.

Meanwhile, in a related development, some residents attributed the recent surge in crime to the epileptic power supply. They revealed that people especially the youths are engaged in meaningful ventures when there's steady power supply, however the blackout has led many to seek out other ways of occupying themselves.

Speaking on the power outage, the Commissioner for Energy, Chief Jim-Ogbolo Partner Edward, said the situation was due to the fact that Ahoada youths invaded the PHED distribution station and beat up the workers without reason and instructed workers to shutdown power.

Speaking during the Transparency Briefing to mark Gov Seriake Dickson's 6th year in office on February 14th, Edward had assured that the situation would be resolved.

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