It is widely believed that children suffer serious setbacks after the dissolution of their parents’ matrimony.

They are obviously the major victims of divorce.

So, the high rate of failed marriages in the country is giving an Ilorin-based legal practitioner, Yusuf Ahmed, reasons to worry because it puts the future of Nigerian children at risk.

“Some children become wayward and insecure as soon as their parents’ marriage is dissolved, because two good hands are far better than one in training a child.

“You see children going into prostitution, robbery, and other terrible acts just because their parents are no longer together and they see themselves as hopeless and helpless.”

According to him, children from broken homes are the most vulnerable. Their situation forces them to engage in juvenile acts seeking a means of survival and expression.

The lawyer also stressed the need for youths to undergo proper marriage seminars and counselling before heading to the altar.

“Understanding, tolerance, and love should be the foundation of any marriage in order for peace to reign in any home,” Ahmed said.