Baba is back after over 100 days in London where he traveled to receive medical attention.

His return was greeted with jubilation and thanks to God for saving his life.

But the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, who is an ally of the President has some advice.

In an interview on national television, El-Rufai listed his expectation from President Buhari and top in the list is to cut back on his work hours.

“Personally, I am very excited and very relieved that Mr President is back. Politically, of course, it raises Nigeria’s stability significantly and I’m sure (that) from Monday, you will see even how the markets will respond,” he said.

“For us in the APC and for many of us that are beneficiaries of Buhari’s political ascendance, this is a time of great happiness and gratitude to almighty God for bringing him back safely and well as well.

“I still believe that the President needs to be measured in his work hours. I would not want him to work between 12-18 hours a day as he used to.

“I think the traffic into his office and residence needs to be curtailed so that he would have more time to reflect,” he said.

Delivering the campaign promises to Nigerians is another thing the Kaduna governor wants the President to buckle-up on.

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“We have less than two years to deliver on most of our promises so I expect the President to refocus, make some administrative adjustments, (and) prioritise the three areas that he has always promised Nigerians.”

Other areas the governor wants the President to look at are the war on corruption, the diversification of the economy and the war against the Boko Haram insurgency and insecurity.

With regard to the war against corruption, Governor El-Rufai does not think things have gone according to plan and there is the need to “refocus the war against corruption”.

“We’ve been losing lots of cases in the courts. I think there is need to refocus work on that and bring back the anti-corruption war on track fully,” he said.

Diversification of the economy is one thing that the current government has continued to preach and Governor El-Rufai wants bigger role for the state governments.

“The efforts to diversify the economy should continue in earnest – and, here, I believe the 36 state governments have a major role to play because Nigeria consists of 36 states and any improvement in the business environment must begin from the 36 states, not just Abuja,” the governor added.