Saudi Arabia announced on Monday the allocation of 109 security centres in Mecca to inspect violations by pilgrims and imaginary hajj firms.

This was included in tweets from the Interior Ministry.

The centres are supported by the police aviation and high-tech equipment that will also catch those who traffic pilgrims with no Hajj permits.

The ministry announced on August 14 that it had banned 95,400 individuals and 47,700 vehicles from entering Mecca for flouting regulations.

It warned that the police will chase violators inside the ritual sites in the city.

The Saudi Arabia cabinet approved an increase in the number of Muslims who could perform Hajj this year.

The 800,000 increase will br

ing the total number of pilgrims to 2.6 million.

In 2016, 1.8 Muslims officially performed Hajj in and around Makkah in western Saudi Arabia.