The State Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Samuel Adejare, noted that the rainfall is bound to disrupt normal activities as well as have an untoward effect on landed properties, roads and environment.
It implored all Lagosians to, as much as possible, stay indoors during rainfall, except it is important to their safety and livelihood.
It also advised residents who live in lowland areas, or those close to water bodies to move upland in the meantime.
“You are implored as much as possible to stay indoors unless it is essential to your safety and livelihood. However we strongly advise those who live in lowland and close to water bodies to move upland”, the statement said.
Officers from the Ministry have been deployed to coastal areas and sites that are susceptible to flooding as part of efforts to protect the lives and properties of the citizenry.
While pledging the preparedness of the present administration to ensuring the well-being and comfort of all citizens, the government implored Lagosians to call the free toll lines of 112 or 767 in case of emergencies.