Baring any intervention by the federal government, 65,000 inmates are about to die of starvation.

This threat is linked to the government’s refusal to remit payment of over N6 billion to the contractors since 2015.

The Nigeria Prison Service Ration and Gas Contractors had in 2015 written to President Muhammadu Buhari, demanding the payment of over N6 billion outstanding obligations.

The contractors had expressed fear that if inmates of the nation’s prisons were not fed for two days, they could go haywire and the consequences could be devastating to national security.

The contractors begged him to help them restore their integrity as they were being harassed by banks that gave them loans.

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Confirming the development, one of the suppliers, Hajia Maimunat Usman urged President Buhari to cause the Ministry of Finance to release the money to the appropriate bodies for disbursement to the suppliers.

The Prisons Service, though with huge budget, is plagued with inadequate infrastructure, degrading facilities and the failure and negligence of the appropriate authorities to pay the contractors who have the mandate to provide food to prisoners.


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