There is little cash in town; Sallah is coming and Nigerians are wondering if it will be celebrated at all.

In the past, by now, markets and towns would have been abuzz about Sallah celebration but barely a week to the big Muslim festival, there are no signs at all.

And even Ram sellers are complaining bitterly.

No one is buying, they cry.

In various markets in Ibadan, for instance, there were rams everywhere but no buyers.

The sellers are worried.

A correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria, who visited many markets in the area, reported that the ram sellers were seen gathered, discussing the poor turn of event.

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The correspondent reported that at Temidire 30-30 in Bodija, Akinyele, Liberty road and Mokola, rams were seen in various sizes tied to stomps with no buyers in sight.

“Sallah celebration is some days away from now and the market is low, no buyer at all compared to last year.

“The price of ram now is from 25,000 Naira to 80, 000 Naira with the price of he-goat from 10, 000 Naira upward,” the correspondent quoted Baale of ram sellers at Temidire 30-30 market, Bodija, Abdulrasak Adeyemo, as saying.

Adeyemo urged government officials to breathe life into the economy to make life more meaningful to the citizenry, adding that the high price in the transportation of rams from the northern parts of the country to the southern part was also affecting sales.

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