The former governor of Delta state has joined the All Progressives Congress saying the Buhari administration has been quite effective in managing the affairs of the Niger Delta.

However, a chieftain of the PDP, Henry Shield thinks otherwise. He has accused Emmanuel Uduaghan of losing popularity and influence at the grass-root level of the party.

"I read his release. All I could do was just shake my head with total disbelief. The governor is claiming that he is joining President Buhari and the APC because of security.  He said he wants the Niger Delta to be better secured. That is why he is joining the APC.

"I think most of these politicians we call leaders, I think we need to start conducting medical evaluation on them to be sure they are ok or fine.

"He could have even said job creation or any other thing even though we know the government has failed in that aspect but for you to mention security, as the reason for leaving PDP and joining APC is not only absurd, it is out rightly ridiculous.

"I mean the government that has not been able to protect families in Benue, Plateau, Zamfara or anywhere else is the government that wants to provide security in Niger Delta.

Uduaghan, who served as a two-term governor and former secretary to the state government, also condemned lack of internal democracy in the PDP for his decision to cross over.

Shield reacts to this claim and also rules out any corruption charge against Uduaghan. He also says the former governor seeks to join the Nigerian senate.


"It is not that they are witch hunting him, I think what is happening is that the man has fallen out with the people and not the party.  A governor who had no say. Who could not even make himself a Senator?

"What he is doing now, you know APC is where people retire to, when they have lost relevance and once you lose relevance politically, you run to the APC for protection.

"That is what he is doing because in PDP he does not possess the quality or potential to be even a house of assembly member".

Although, Mr. Shield expressed regret for the loss, he advised that the PDP to use "the same opportunity to ask our leaders in the PDP to be more embracing. There is a need to open up our arms and gates to everyone and listen to their grudge and fears.

"We cannot keep shutting our doors to everyone but for this Emmanuel Uduaghan’s own, sincerely he has absolutely no justification for crossing to the APC."