If you love travelling and Brazil is one of the nations you will want to visit, there is something a Brazilian Envoy in Nigeria wants you to know. 

The Brazilian Embassy plans to issue more visas to Nigerians as commercial and people-to-people relations improve between both countries.

The Consul-General of Brazil in Lagos, Ambassador Flavio Bonzanini, told the News Agency of Nigeria that his government is willing to increase its presence in the West African country.

“We have the interest to foster the relations between our two countries. We have a very significant importance in Nigeria as the largest country in Africa and the most important economy on the continent.

“At the moment, we think that the issuance of visas to Nigerians will increase naturally, as our relations get better.

“There will be a natural way to increase visa issuance to Nigerians, as more commercial and people-to-people relations increase between Nigeria and Brazil," he said.

Bonzanini, who said that the number of visas issued to Nigerians was gradually increasing, however, added that Nigerians had over the years received a low number of visas to Brazil.

He also said the requirements and processes for applying for visas to Brazil, for business, study, tourism and other purposes have been simplified.

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The consul-general said that his government had instructed the Consulate to always examine and investigate every visa applicant’s family and personal conditions.

“Nowadays, it is important to know that every country tries to examine each and every person who wants to visit their countries.

“We have instructions from our government to examine, for instance, what Nigerians seeking visas to Brazil will be doing, where they will stay and whether they have sufficient means to travel to Brazil.

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“We are very careful in handling visa applicants who fulfil the necessary items and need to receive visas to Brazil.

“We also know how expensive it is to live or visit Brazil," he said.

In 2017, Nigeria and Brazil signed a strategic trade agreement in Abuja, under which the two nations are expected to develop economic relations in the next decade; particularly in Agriculture, technology and culture.

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