Why would anyone commit murder and place evidence that will nail her on the crime scene?

The body of a young lady named Ada Ezeudo has just been found on the roadside in Anambra.

But right close to her corpse is a short note which carried a woman's message to a side chic who won't leave her husband alone.

"I told you to live my husband alone. You really think I'm joking coming to Akuzu. R.I.P Asawwo girl," reads a text from the note.

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The deceased was reportedly killed in Ifitedunu located in Anambra State.

The evidence aims to give the impression that Ezeudo had ignored an earlier warning from a man’s wife but how much sense does that make?

What if someone else who wanted the girl dead simply took advantage of knowing she was dating a married man or men.

Is this a setup or a woman has just indeed killed her husband’s side chick?

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