The state of insecurity in Bayelsa state is alarming.

No day passes without one hearing stories of how some residents were robbed of their belongings at gunpoint and even raped or macheted, residents say.

What could be responsible if not the state government’s inability to provide employment, basic social amenities and adequate security of lives and property?

With armed bandits operating on land while sea pirates and kidnappers rule over the rural waterways, shall we say the state is falling into anarchy?

If the cries coming out of Yenagoa is indeed what it is, then the activities of these heartless robbers and cultists is terrifying.

Residents told Bounce News that their assailants kill at the slightest provocation.

It is so bad that “one can be amputated just so they can steal a Nokia torch phone and a person's skull can be split in two if one refuses to part with a few naira notes”.  

Recently, some residents of School road at Edepie in Yenagoa were attacked by a three-man gang.

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Phones, money, LED plasma television sets were carted away while a female Youth Corp member of St. Judes Girl's Secondary School, Amarata was robbed and severely beaten because she was praying when they barged into her room.

When did it become a crime to pray in times of trouble? That is how crazy they are.

Some residents of Yenizue-Gene told Bounce News, "We don't sleep, no rest of mind every night. It's cultists today, armed robbers tomorrow.

“Government should tell the police to do their job, so we can rest. This vigil don too much".   

When asked if they have contacted the police, a victim said he called Operation Doo-Akpo twice, they promised to be there but never came even in the morning.

Will government fold its arms until the entire Bayelsa state goes up in flames and there is no life left to govern?